Giving a hoot

I have recently started a three month sabbatical from work, and I guess life as I know it.

I believe the way that most people live, doesn’t not allow them to be.  Life gets too busy, but where do we actually spend most of our time.  This is a blog, an opinion piece, so I can only speak to how I see and feel things.  You may have a different approach to life and have the chance to watch the roses and take in that perfumed beauty.

Time and awareness is what I need.  Time to spend on our my well being and awareness to, well be aware of it I guess.  With time, you have to be careful as to not get carried away, could I spend the whole day looking at clouds, if it was sunny, then yes, I could.  Does this help me enjoy nature and life, yeah it does.  Does it make me a better person in society – most likely not. Time is a double edged sword. The more time I spend at home, the more I find it harder to be in social situations.  Unless people just want to look at clouds with me! It can be a slippery slope to hide from the world.

There is a balance that I need to find between hiding from the world, hiding from my past habits and creating new ones.  I guess this (here comes the cliche) is a journey.   A journey to find what my new normal looks like.  Let’s be honest, for those who know me, my normal and other peoples normal are a bit different, but isn’t that human beings?

I would enjoy your company and views along my journey.

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